8 months ago
i folded the sunset into
an origami bird
that now flies in our direction
for you
8 months ago
can i wake
to your angelic face
during midday?
fossilized love so pure
through thousands of years of longing;
and i wonder,
how we truly got this far
my dear
i dressed my love for you in an invisible cloak
hoping that you’d
see more
than just the hopeless romantic
i was
Cite Arrow what meets the eye
8 months ago

i used to write on clear pages 
of a transparent love
that i wore 
on my skin and always spoke of
in each silence look,
and yet
it always amazes me
that of all the people who had
seen through every feeling i had, 
you were the


8 months ago
i swore life was a bad dream
until i saw you
Cite Arrow awakening


Pro Era | Slow Down Time

Cite Arrow via deathviamoon
8 months ago
I hate the world: it batters too much the wings of my self-will, and would I could take a sweet poison from your lips to send me out of it. From no others would I take it. Cite Arrow John Keats
in the chaos, i saw beauty:
she was shy and

shady girl, i’m colorblind
and wouldn’t fall for your tints


she was a girl who
if you could listen close enough
and really put an ear
to her heart, you’d hear
the leafy songs of spring
between every
Cite Arrow melody
astral flower,
you are what the heavens bloom
and the stars
Cite Arrow astral flower

i cry spray painted tears
that don’t
wash out

i’m a drowsy illusion
of a man who used to know
who he was
Cite Arrow the fog
8 months ago

i get seasick on land
and drink from whirlpools,
drowning in the timeless
sand of this hourglass;

i cannot help but believe
that this is how
it is suppose
to be


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