4 months ago

still feel me

4 months ago

mixtappee coming out soonn..don’t sleep on it

4 months ago

late night excursions 

im feelin like king tut - tired of the number crunch;
my education was my mummification coming up… 
they built the pyramids on new york streets, 
i would lift stonehenge with my feet,
my bones bend when i think of defeat, yea my martyrdom…
was out for stardom when I started up:
until i saw the reality - buddha had my soul
staring back at me…no mirrors,
now seein the dearer clearer through rhythmic patterns,
wandering saturn; does it matter? that matter cannot be created nor destroyed;
the atoms are like envoys tellin messages of adam
and eve, forbidden tree - leaf linens, primordial questions of livin,
the decisions feel like incisions to my wisdom…
should i give in?

5 months ago
she gives me stage fright
in my own
6 months ago

your heart is a minefield, 
and even though I walk slowly
i am not afraid of this explosion;

and i don’t mean it lightly when i say
we are in a war zone

but i will not sit in a bomb shelter and wait,
and if I have to
be a one man army,

i will 

6 months ago
People criticize cause they critter size. Cite Arrow CJ Fly, Sadderdaze
7 months ago
i blow napalm trees,
a suicidal leaf, hopin my head blows
like smoke, into the breeze
7 months ago
i have a vibrationless plane
on my heart
where I cannot
and will not feel
this empty cloud
of electric nirvana is where I lay
right now, trying
to find
her happiness
7 months ago

I tremble at your sight, all of it.
Whether, it be dark or bright, I still lift
from the ground that sinks,
to a level that none can think.

There is no flaw to count;
the heart has made all bounce
to another form, another shape; all the greats
could never inspire within me all you make.

Cite Arrow poor rhymes from a poor man
8 months ago
and being with you is like dancing
to a thousand sweet nothings
that the song already ended,
and yet I still sway,
Cite Arrow unrequited
8 months ago
she used to dig holes into my heart
leaving time capsules
full of ‘i love yous’ to read
for when forever ends,
and now nothing makes sense
when she tells
me to somehow
Cite Arrow too deep
8 months ago

i always told her
not to beat herself
up about it
cause i knew
those scars would 
stare back
at me

i smoked
all our old love letters
the heightened sense of my high
would revive
the dying sound of what
we once
eff laws, cause there are
flaws in everything
Cite Arrow perfection

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